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Where did May go?

WOW! What a Month+ it’s been! We ended April by beginning our Home Study. Our social worker is very nice. She met with us a few different times in our home, asked us LOADS of questions and is now working toward finishing our write up. Once that is complete we will officially be a “Waiting Family.” Meaning that at any point after that she can give our portfolio books(once they are done) to expectant birth mamas to look through and pick us! So, baby girl could be with us soon….or in a few years. We just have no idea. What crazy ride to be on!

May also brought lots of fundraising! Thank you all of you who came out to our garage sale! It went so well and was able to raise over 1/2 the funds needed to complete our home study! What a gift! Thank you! The generous donations of items, time, space and money is such a blessing to us. There is story after story of people coming to our “by donation” sale and picking up the tiniest thing, asking for a price, me saying $1 and them going…”Will you take $40?” I mean…WHAT?! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for loving on our sweet baby girl before we even know her ourselves. I can’t wait to share these stories with her one day. What a gift that will be! Thank you for being a part of all that!

After 3 weeks of garage sale-ing our “in home” portion of our Home Study came to a close and I got to work on our portfolio book. There is still quite a bit of work to do on them, but I’m excited to have them completed and start to be seen by mamas. I also was encouraged to show more of our home in the book…if you know me at all…you know I love to create and decorate! I have been dreaming of our sweet girls nursery for a long time. I finally settled on a theme and have begun putting some touches on the plain walls of the nursery…however, now poor Hami is sleeping amidst all the pink and flowers! haha! Oh well, not for long. He and Fisher will be sharing a room here before too long. 🙂

We are just so excited. Thank you for your part. Thank you for being patient with me as we have been super busy with life and what not. I just feel so blessed by our village. Thank you!!





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