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Hello! You’ve found us! I know it’s kinda…okay, really corny, but I am SO glad you are here. This blog has been a year in the making. I’ve picked it up and sidelined it so many times. (I think this welcome post has been written over 10 different times alone!) I hope you can come to enjoy this space. I plan to give you a glimpse into our little corner of the world as we journey through parenthood, care taking, our adoption process, my creative endeavors, and working from home. I thought about spelling things out for you in full detail, but then I figured our Christmas card this year kinda does that. So, here you are!

Merry Christmas!

Wow, what a year it has been! We began the year thinking we were going to have a year of settling into our home as a little family with our 2 boys. We have so loved watching the 2 of them grow and become their own person with individual personalities. We may be a touch biased, but we think we are the luckiest parents alive.

In March of this year, we were offered the opportunity to become caregivers for Kelsey’s mom’s cousin who is both physically and mentally handicapped. The change in vocation for Kelsey seemed to be the best option for our little family. In June we moved into a new home (please note new address) and in July, she said goodbye to a job she has loved for the past 6 years. Then, beginning of October, Bettie moved in and our family of 4 became a family of 5.

We have enjoyed this new season, as well as worked hard to establish our new normal. Our boys are growing and learning so much daily. It is crazy to think that just 3 years ago our Christmas card included the 2 of us and our dogs! Now, it looks a lot different and we are abundantly more blessed.

As we move through one season, we know another is waiting right around the corner. As you may have noticed if you glanced at our photos, we are beginning the adoption process! We hope to expand our family with a precious baby girl through infant adoption. We are excited for this new adventure, but we know it will come with it’s own challenges. We covet your thoughts, prayers and support as we begin this process. If you want more specific info on how you can join us as well as keep up to date on the journey, please see Kelsey’s blog:

So, there you have it. Be sure to interact and let me know you’ve stopped by. I look forward to bringing you along on our journey!


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