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So, let’s talk about something I don’t talk about often…and by often, I mean don’t EVER talk about.

I once thought I had to be a tomboy… And not that that’s a bad thing…one of my best friends growing up had trouble even putting on chapstick much less lipgloss! But I thought I had to stuff away any girlish tendency or desire I had.

You see, being the only girl in a 5 house radius for a good portion of my childhood meant I needed to know how to get down and dirty(there 7 boys between these 5 houses…and me), but when I wanted to stand out I had this deep felt need to SHINE! I mean, I still remember being 16 and having the neighbor boy ask me if I was wearing makeup, then telling me to take it off cuz I “looked like a girl.” (Ummmm….I am one!) It was around this time that I also stopped refusing my mom’s desires to put me in anything that sparkled…I realized that being “girly” AND strong/confident, was not such a bad thing. Sure, I wanted to be able to throw a frisbee, play flashlight tag with the guys, and I wanted to throw a baseball…not like a girl, but when it came to fashion, I found that I really enjoyed the things that sparkled and had some sort of stand-out quality.

So, without further ado… let me introduce you to one of my dearest friends and her BEAUTIFUL line of jewelry, bags, and statement clothing!

I forgot my nice camera for these shots…so please excuse the iPhone pics. But if these look this beautiful with my phone, imagine what they look like in real life! Every single Stella&Dot item is thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted to make a statement…Karley is a mastermind at putting pieces tastefully together for the most beautiful results.

Her collection is stunning and I promise I wanted to bring home everything she had! Seriously though!!  

Also, when I first started shopping Stella&Dot a few years ago they had a few bags…but their main priority was the jewelry. Now, they have mastered their bags and expanded to clothing…and I’m not complaining! I mean look at this Black Lace Bomber Jacket!!! It gets all the heart eye emojis!!!

And lastly…a few of my all time favorites from their collection…

Stella&Dot has a BEAUTIFUL collection of engravable jewelry. The two you see below are my pieces that I wear almost daily. The gold is Surf’s birthday and the silver is Turf’s. (If you know my kiddos…then those nicknames make sense to you. I’m just trying to protect their identity a bit better since this is a public blog.) These pieces are such a treasure. I can’t wait to get a rose gold one for our little Dessert’s birthdate!

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See you on the 17th!

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