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Opt to Adopt!

Hey there friends! Wow, it has been a long time since my last post(on my old blog), and A LOT of life has happened. I last left you with our pregnancy reveal for Fisher! Now, 3 years later we have added not just one, but 2 kids to our parenting resume, as well as become the caretakers for my mom’s cousin who is both physically and mentally handicapped. Our world looks a lot different than it did 3 years ago, and here I am again, announcing some VERY exciting news.

But first, a backstory… Drew and I did not have an easy road to parenthood. My previous blog posts may tell you some of that. We walked through deep waters into worlds unknown. We found ourselves questioning a lot of things, and wondering if we would ever be earthly parents. Through multiple losses, 2 hard full term pregnancies, and 2 deliveries that had their own challenges, we have decided that to expand our family we have chosen the “option of adoption” or as Drew would say, “We opt to adopt”. I have dreamed of adopting since my parents brought my sisters home from Guatemala. We are excited to move forward with this dream. We hope to bring a baby girl into our home through the domestic infant adoption process.

We are SO excited to move forward in this adventure! We look forward to the day we will expand our family and meet the precious little girl God has picked for us to be mama and papa to. As we take the next steps in this adoption process there are many opportunities for you to join us in our journey and help us bring our baby girl home. Below are some of the needs we have.

-Prayer: As obvious as that may seem…we need it. LOADS of it. Please join us in not only praying that this process would go smoothly and well, but prayer for our future daughter/sister. Please also pray for the birth mama. The choice to give her child a better life is a hard one. Pray that she would feel loved and valued and secure in her decision to provide for her baby in this way. We do not know when we will be picked by a birth mother, but we know it will not be an easy decision for her to make.

-Join us: Let’s face it, adoption costs a lot. We are working hard to fund this endeavor; however, we would like to ask you to consider joining us by donating to our adoption fund. Link: YouCaring Adoption Fund

-Participate: Over the next few months we will be having adoption fundraising events. Please consider participating in one of these fun opportunities. Whether by donating goods or purchasing goods, every little bit helps!

Thank you for considering partnering with us in this journey. It takes a village, and you are a HUGE part of that village. Thank you! And be sure to check back for updates and info. I will keep you posted as we make further steps and as I have more to share!

Thanks again!



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