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Looking Back – Looking Forward!

WOW What a year 2018 was. I still have like a billion posts I had planned for last year that never happened and things I wanted to do and say that never got said on here. But you know what, I don’t really care. I mean, I still have last year’s “2017 year in review” post sitting in my drafts! (hand to face emoji!) 2018 we lived life…sometimes it was busy and crazy, and other times it was just simple and wonderful and fun. I loved our full seasons that brought on our peace and rest. I loved the growth and stretching that happened as we worked through all life threw at us. 2018 was good.

I thank you for being apart of it all! You, our village, is why we do what we do! Thank you for the sweet gift of loving on our little crew! We are so blessed by all of you!

As we look forward to 2019 we anticipate a lot happening. Our hope is to be more involved on here with you all. We hope to share some of our adventures while we wait for our little addition to come. I hope to help you see the ups, downs, and inside outs of our adoption story as well as life too.

I want to make this blog a safe space where you can feel cherished by your involvement and where you can see that I am a real person with LOTS to work on. This is the year of simplifying for me…I mean I REALLY want to do that capsule wardrobe thing!!! –I just need to wrap my mind around the idea of actually only owning like 10 shirts…it’s okay, I’m not hyperventilating or anything! (SEND HELP ASAP!)

But really, I hope to simple what we bring into our home, what we use to clean our home with, what we put on our skin and in our hair, what we put into our minds and hearts. I am excited to see where God takes us this year. With the anticipation of our little sweetie pie I hope we can enjoy the now, and live each day with wonder, excitement, and yes…anticipation of what is to come, but joy for the present moment.

My desire is that by stripping myself and our home of all the “stuff” we can really focus on the importance of finding joy. That deep down contentment in every day. And, for us, confidence that God’s got this and we don’t have to.

Thank you for joining us in the past! I look forward to what 2019 will be, thanks for stopping by! Be sure to sign up so you can receive regular updates! Thanks Friends!

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