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I’ve Got So Much To Say!

…And no time to say it. But I was reminded the other day that you will make time for the things you really care about. And this blog certainly is one of those things! I’m not an awesome writer. I’m super passionate about a BOAT LOAD of things, but I know that somewhere out there, is a spot for my voice. So, here I am. I’m not going anywhere…even if I take a break for a month or so! Just stick with me. I’ll be around. Hopefully more often, but you never know.

You may have to excuse my early morning writing and typos…but I promise, I will give you nothing less than my authentic heart. We are going to get to the root of some stuff…good and bad…but all of it has been working toward today. The day when my hubby and I are dreaming of the future. My youngest child is napping in his bed on this rainy Sunday. My eldest is giggling with my hubby in the other room. I’m finally getting a hang of this “plant mama” thing. And our home is daily decreasing the toxic load we invite in. Figuring out this thing we call “balance” won’t always be pretty, but in the end it will be so worth it! I’m excited to continue to bring you along on this journey!

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