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I was so sick of using sharpie to label my bags only to have it rub off after a few uses. I wanted a more permanent way of labeling my icing bags! Enter: BAG TAGS! F = Flood | H = Hybrid | D = Detail | S =Stiff. These can be attached with a rubber band or hair tie, they are easily attached just below your icing knot and then cut free when your bag is empty! (Cut the empty bag just below the bag tag and pull it off when finished with the icing.)

Measures (about): 2″ x 1″

10 tags for $5 – options:
-MIXED: 4 F (Flood), 4 H (Hybrid), 2 D (Detail)
-10 F
-10 H
-10 D
-10 S

These  are made from PLA filament. They are easily washed by hand and very durable, just avoid super hot water or they could distort! Happy Labeling!

Thanks for your support!

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** Tags are HAND WASH ONLY and will warp if run through the dishwasher or exposed to high heat.


Flood icing is the thinnest consistency. If you like to time your icing, it’s typically between 10–15 seconds. Flood icing lets you to fill in large areas of a cookie surface quickly and it will settle into itself with minimal work from you. It will dry with a flat and smooth surface.  This icing may need a few pokes from your scribe to release air bubbles, but for the most part, it is pretty self sufficient. 

Used For: Filling in outlined sections, wet-on-wet


Also known as ‘Medium’ or ‘Puff’ Icing. Some decorators like it thinner, some like it thicker. Think of it as really thick flood. It will still smooth out, but will need more manipulation with the tip of your bag or your scribe. Hybrid can be used to fill large areas, but works best for small areas desiring a little lift/puff from the icing. Hybrid icing is one that is thick enough to outline, but also thin enough to flood. When you pull your spatula out of the bowl, the icing slowly starts to flatten out on it’s own, only a small amount of manipulation will get it to smooth completely out. A common visual comparison is the consistency of honey or ketchup. 

Used For: Outlining and flooding(smaller areas), puffy details


Also known as ‘Piping’ or ‘Outline’ Icing. This icing has been thinned down with a small amount water. For visual reference, when you pull your spatula out of the bowl it forms soft peaks that flop over but don’t flatten out out. A common comparison for detail icing is the consistency of toothpaste, or the tip of soft serve ice cream. 

Used For: Outlining, lettering, detailing


Also known and ‘Fancy’ or ‘Peaked’ or ‘Floral’ Icing. This is the consistency you will get straight out of the mixer before you add any water. This super-stiff icing will never lose its shape once piped. When you pull your spatula out of the bowl, the peak stays straight up. Best for using decorating tips to achieve fancy details and intricate embellishments.

Used For: Leaves, flowers, ruffles, stencils, etc. 

Additional information

Bag Tag

10 Flood – F, 10 Hybrid – H, 10 Detail – D, 10 Stiff – S, Mixed – 4 F, 2 H, 2 D, 2 S


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