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Ever want to practice a cookie skill but don’t want to bake cookies? Tired of waiting for your cookies to cool before you get to the fun part? Ever nervous to try something on a client’s cookie, but you forgot to bake an extra? Well, PROBLEM SOLVED! These NoDough Cookies are just what you need. With classic designs like a circle, square, scalloped edge rectangle, rainbow and even a flower, you have all you need to test, practice, and dream up your next cookie project! And if you mess up, no worries, jus scrape it off and try again! They are perfect, NoDough – Just Joy!

Measures: Approximately 3″-3.5″

Depth: 1/2″

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently waiting on the lighter filament to come in (it is backorderedĀ from our supplier). We do have a slightly darker color “Iced Coffee” that we can print in. If you would like to WAIT for the lighter color, please let me know in the note at checkout. See other pictures for color difference. Because this filament is delayed, it will take longer to get to you. If you are okay with the darker color, not need to note, it will ship out per our usual timeframe. Thank you for your support and understanding!

All of our NoDough Cookies are made from PLA filament. The 1/2″ height and slight wall angle gives the perfect structure to be able to pick up your practice cookie and show it off! The top of the cookie is textured to be as “cookie like” as possible. This allows for the icing to grip the No-Dough the same way it would a cookie.

I can’t wait to see how you use these!

Thanks for your support!

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** NoDough Cookies are HAND WASH ONLY and will warp if run through the dishwasher or exposed to high heat.
NoDough Cookies CAN be placed in a dehydrator with the temp below 105Ā°F.

NoDough Cookies are made to order and can take 5-10 days to ship. We always do our best to ship all orders as quickly as possible in the order we receive our orders! Thank you for your support of our family business!

***Digital files and 3D prints sold by Find Sweet Joy have a strict non-commercial, personal use only license. You shall not share, sub-license, sell, rent, host, transfer, or distribute in any way the digital or 3D printed versions of this object, nor any other derivative work of this object in its digital or physical format (including – but not limited to – remixes of this object, and hosting on other digital platforms). The objects may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration. The Standard Digital File Store License overrides any other licensing option on this page (in particular: no remixing and no commercial use allowed).

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NoDough Cookies

5 Classic shapes: Rainbow, Flower, Square, Scalloped Rectangle, Circle, 5 School Shapes: Pencil, Chalkboard, Backpack, Apple, Ruler, Apple, Backpack, Board with Beads, Circle, Flower, Pencil, Rainbow, Ruler, Scalloped Rectangle, Square

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Physical NoDough Cookie, STL File


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