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Home study & An Update


What a whirlwind the last month+ has been! But the long and short of all of it is: We are officially a WAITING FAMILY!!! That means that at any point in time a birth mama could choose us to the the forever family for her little baby girl. That is CRAZY! So many people have talked about the “birth of paperwork” when it comes to adoption…this could not be more true for us! 9 months after beginning this journey we are done with all the paperwork and are now on the waiting end. Now, there is still loads to do, but for now, we get to hold our daughter with open arms to the Lord and continually ask for His perfect timing in all of this!

Now, if you wanted an update, there it was. If you want to know more about our home study, keep reading.

Our home study began in May. It took about 4 weeks to complete. We met on 3 different occasions with our Social Worker. Once to chat and walk through our home, once to interview the 2 of us separately, and once to wrap up any further questions and have her chat with Bettie and the boys.

I cannot even begin to explain the stress and anxiety I had going into all this. Admittedly, I don’t like one on one interviews. I feel too exposed and all alone. Drew is the more eloquently spoken one. Shoot…I had to work hard to get to that Miss Michigan stage, but I feel like Drew could have won the crown in a second! He’s amazing…anyway, I digress ;). As it turned out though, the questions we were asked were a deeper part of questions we had already answered. I literally had nightmares that she asked me 100 questions and I said “I don’t know.” to all of them and she told me I can’t be an adoptive parent because I “know nothing.” Seriously all…I was so nervous! But, as it turns out I had answers to everything she asked. Few!

After that last meeting she did our write up, we approved it, and it was sent to her supervisor for approval. After that, we were officially a waiting family! This happened the week before I left with the boys to spend a week at our family cottage. We spent the week in Canada with my parents, siblings and the rest of their families. It was wonderful…but we missed Drew like crazy! While we were there, I finalized our profile books and those should be here soon! The Monday of that vacation our social worked emailed to ask if I could get a “not so rough-draft” of our profile book to her in PDF form that she could print out for an expectant mother. UMMMM WHAT?! Not even a week after being approved and we were already in a position to be considered. (We have learned that we are no longer in consideration) But what?! This was another area I was just so worried about. With us specifying that we wanted a girl, I have been worried that birth mamas will want their family chosen before they know the gender…that we will have to wait FOREVER to have our profile seen. That is just not so. God has come beside my worried heart in the best way to help me know that He is in this. We won’t be waiting forever. We will get to be seen and there will be the perfect little girl out there for us. We feel so blessed!

Well, I think that’s all I have to update on our adoption for now! I’m working on a post about our vacation as well as something fun I’ve started to raise some money for our little sweetheart. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Have a great weekend!

Last page of our book. Please pray over this precious mama with us, wherever she may be.



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