Getting Hairy!

Hey Friends,

I sometimes wish you all could see my brain and how many different blog posts I have started up there. This is one I’ve had in the works for over a month…but now just feels right. So here you go!

So…the word for the year is INTENTIONAL. I long to be intentional. I want to be intentional with what I purchase, how I spend my time and what I put on and into my body. I feel like I’m doing okay in these areas, but I know I could be better. We have cut a lot of junk out of our daily diets. I’m working out regularly (something I haven’t done since college–and I’m not just talking about chasing 2 toddlers around my house). I am working towards better and safer cleaning products for our home, along with slowly changing up my cosmetics and haircare products to be more natural and less harmful to my body. Essentially…I’m trying to purge my home and body of the toxic load I put on/into it.

So, with that said, I want to be real with you for a second.

I’m not a fan of my hair. I never have been. I’ve made it work. I enjoy doing my hair and trying to find ways to do it in new and unique styles. I love dressing up because I feel like my hair can kinda function with some curl and life in it. But it’s not my favorite, I mean the grass is always greener right? Now, there are days I feel like I’m having a good hair day, or even a great hair day…It’s just that there are also days I wish I could have long thick voluminous locks!

I dream of hair to my mid back…thick enough to braid and not look like a tail. Now, I don’t know if that will ever happen, but I do know one thing: my hair grows slower than molasses in January (thank you Bettie for that saying) and it NEVER grows past about 2″ below my collarbone. At various times in my life, I have tired to grow it out and finally came to the conclusion that it wasn’t in the cards for me. I know we are not supposed to be so focused on our outer appearance, but I was curious about why this would happen to my hair… So, after much reading, trying new haircuts, and really examining a few things I have decided to go all in and try to rebuild the foundation for my baby fine hair. Now, some may say, “If you want long hair…STOP COLORING YOUR HAIR!” We all know that won’t happen so let’s not even pretend like that’s an option. I can however work towards a new lifestyle with my hair… enter a silk pillowcase, collagen, and MONAT.

To understand the above changes you need a little back story. I have learned a few things in the last year that I didn’t understand before. Here is a quick history of my hair if you will. My hair is baby fine…I mean it’s hasn’t thickened since the moment I first got hair around the age of 3…yeah, my mom got my ears pierced when I was 2 so she wouldn’t have to keep explaining that I was a 2 year old girl with no hair. I also don’t have a lot of it. If I put my hair all up in a ponytail…no bun, my hair is about the size of a nickel(and that’s being generous…penny is more like it). If I do put my hair in said pony, it creases in less than a minute. Some hair ties actually break my hair at EVERY use. I loose tons of hair while I sleep if I use a cotton pillowcase. I have super oily hair…like, I have to wash my hair every day or it was bad…sometimes 2x a day depending on what I had going on. My hair grows about an inch every 6 months. And lastly my hair is so dry it reaches for every bit of moisture it can find in the winter…we are talking static like CRAZY. It kinda looks like I’m one of those electromagnetic ball things you put your hands on in middle school science class…the ones that make your hair stick up, only my hair does that on its own in the winter. Also, one time I did put my hands on one of those things and my teacher was so impressed with the human dandelion standing before him that he stopped class to get someone from the yearbook to come take a photo…yep somewhere out there 1,200 people have a copy of a book of me with hair sticking out at every angle…it’s pretty special. Anyway…

Change #1: Silk Pillowcase
A few months ago I purchased a silk pillowcase. This has been such a life hair savior! Did  you know that cotton pillow cases pull/strip all the natural oils and minerals from your hair?! Neither did I. But it does! Think about it…cotton is so absorbant! It is used for towels and clothing and cleaning cloths…made to absorb! So, it does the same thing to your hair…and your face! Pulling all the moisture from your scalp and face means your body has to work extra hard to produce more moisture…in turn, making your skin and hair MORE oily! WHAAAAT?! Yeah, I know right?! A silk pillowcase is the perfect solution. It doesn’t pull moisture from your skin. It allows your hair and face to breathe the way they are supposed to. When your natural oils aren’t removed, your skin stops over producing and you 1, don’t have to wash your hair as much and 2, don’t have to keep wiping oil of your face thinking you have a combination of dry/oily skin! Also, for those of us with fine hair (usually small girls under the age of 10!)…a silk pillowcase will NOT create the rats nest at the back of the head that a cotton one makes. Your hair slides on the silk pillowcase and doesn’t catch like it does in the cotton one. Cotton may be soft, but it does have little fuzzies that actually grab onto your hair, pull on it and tug it into a mess in the back of your head.

Change #2: Collagen
Did you know about this magical stuff? Well, I didn’t…till about a month ago. It helps with hair growth…so we will see how that goes. But it also helps with skin and nail health, joint strength, gut health and more… I’m not that far a long with using it…but its PACKED with protein–one scoop has 10 grams! I add it to my already protein packed shake and feel full for HOURS! It’s so great!

Change #3: Healthy Hair Products — MONAT
Have you heard of Monat? A friend of mine from college introduced me to these products and I have to say…I was skeptical, but I AM IMPRESSED! I mean…See this photo to the left? I just threw out all these products…and still have more to toss! Part of my hair issues are resolved with the changes above, but ultimately I can’t rely on these changes to actually fix anything if I don’t go to the “root” of the issue. Monat hair products do just that. Helping you have healthy hair from the root creates healthy hair down the entire shaft. I’ve been using the products for a month and I love the feel and look they give my hair. My hair feels healthy. It feels strong. Split ends are few and far between..and I think I can actually see it getting longer! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer any you may have. I’ve started using it myself, but I also see value in the company and their products for our family. Their use of natural ingredients and no sulphate help my hair use it’s natural oils to be the healthiest it’s felt in years. Also…I am now washing my hair every other day…not 2x a day! Woo hoo!!
**I will be giving out MONAT samples at the fundraiser event at our house a week from Saturday! Be sure to let me know if you need directions!

Ok, I know this post was kinda random and out of the blue…but I feel really passionate about where I am heading with my hair and other less toxic items…and I thought maybe others out there might have some of the same questions floating around in their head. So, if you need anything or have any questions, be sure to check out my Instagram page:

Thanks again! Have a great day!

Find Joy!


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