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Friday Favorites – Take 1

Hey There Friends!

I thought I’d start something new here. I want to be more involved and get to know you a bit better…so here we go. It’s a new year, and for many, that means NEW BEGINNINGS! I have big plans for 2019…and you can be apart of them! So, without further ado, here is the first installment of Friday Favorites! Be sure to leave a comment with what you are loving now too so I can get to know you and check out your favorites!

I am so excited about all these things. In order to get your day, week, month, and year off to a great start I feel like these items can help you get there! Some are practical every day items, and some are those items you didn’t know you needed and once you have it you don’t know how you ever lived without it…and I’m not talking about my leopard loafers (that’s a post for another day).

Here is my current list:

  1. My silk pillow case. I My hair couldn’t live without it! You can snag your own here. Trust me, your hair and skin will thank you! (Now to convince the hubs that we need silk sheets!)
  2. My Norwex Enviro cloth!
  4. If you don’t know this…you’ll find out sooner or later, I am a consultant for Beautycounter. They are a company that is seeking to disrupt the beauty industry as we know it by helping people be educated in what goes onto their skin and into their bodies! I love everything that they stand for…these 2 products are my current favorites! (although my list of favorites is super long, I’m just really feeling these as the new year begins)

So, about this silk pillowcase…I have SUPER fine hair. It gets oily really fast. It is super fragile…like it breaks it you look at it wrong. You will hardly ever see me in a pony tail because I can see broken hairs when I take it out. (Not to mention I think my ears are crooked! Anyone else? No? Just me then…)  This pillowcase has become a LIFE savior for my hair! It is smoother, softer, hardly has any broken/split ends, and it isn’t in a rats nest when I wake up in the morning. Mom’s of little girls, here is your fix to the battle of brushing out that mess. Also, this has helped my skin as well. Cotton pulls moisture out of things…I mean we use cotton towels to pick up a spill or wrap ourself in them out of the shower, but at night, when its winter, and  the heat is running, my face is the only thing uncovered and the dry air is already pulling moisture from it…I don’t need a cotton pillowcase to assist with that! I will say switching up my hair products and adding an awesome face moisturizer has helped in this area too, but this was the first change I made and I will NEVER go back to cotton!


This evening, my son made a mess eating ice cubes for snack…yes it was his choice. Anyway, parenting questioning aside, you can guess that the ice cubes made QUITE the mess all over my dinner table. Instead of giving him an entire roll of paper towel to clean up said mess, I handed him 1 Norwex enviro cloth and the job was done…cleaned up in about 10 minutes. I love that I can hand over easy to use and safe cleaning items for my child to use. Not to mention, the kids hand towel that we are using from them  has helped the eczema on his hands clear up like 1000%! We are coming Clean in 2019! So I’m super excited about all the clean, safe, healthy, and non-toxic things we use on a daily basis now!

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Let’s talk goals for a second. I know everyone is…so we should too. Right? I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with this whole goal setting thing. I LOVE the idea of setting goals and reaching for them. But honestly, I have a hard time visualizing how to get there. So, I have decided this year that my first, and only goal is to take January and figure out my goals. Then…I’ll use the other 11 months to accomplish all the other goals I set this year. For me, this makes way more sense and feels like a lot less work to figure them out in the middle of the Holidays last month! If you are looking for a great way to help learn what your goals actually are…look no further! I love working through the pages of my Powersheets. It gives me a home base to go back to when I feel like I’m off track or not focused on the right things. It helps me say YES to what is important. And bonus, they are on sale right now! So head on over and snag your own!

Beautycounter…let’s be real, I could give you a list of about 25 of my favorite products but I picked these 2 for very specific reasons. First, the charcoal mask. You guys! If you need a fresh start, look no further! This is the place to find it. This make feels amazing on, smells incredible, and works like a BEAST to remove any and all impurities and gunk and grime from your skin. I feel so refreshed every time I use this mask! I also feel a bit like a monster since it turns my face gray, but it really is AMAZING at that deep clean. The second item is something I think EVERY woman should have in her beauty arsenal… This SOS Spot Treatment is the BOMB at stoping blemishes before they can break through. Since using this I have had ZERO actual blemishes break through my skin. It is light weight, but packs a punch into those pesky spots!

Links to each of the items can be found here:

  1. Silk Pillowcase  2. Norwex Enviro Cloth  3. Cultivate What Matters – Powersheets  4. Charcoal Mask & SOS Spot Treatment

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


**Please note that this post may contain affiliate links, and I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through them. This is at no cost to you and will not effect your shopping experience. I only recommend products that I love and use myself.

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