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Find Joy Friday – 3

Hey there Friends! Thanks for stopping by! If you live in my area I sure hope you are snuggled up with your loved ones on this cold snowy day. Goodness, it’s amazing how something that beautiful can be so un-inviting…unless you happen to be my 3 year old! He’s been asking to go out in the 6 degree weather since 7am! UMMMMMM….no kid. Sorry. Good thing he has an awesome papa who has graciously said he will go out with him. But even he is downplaying the excitement to our little Fish out of water. “You sure you want to go out there? Remember how cold you were the other day? It’s even colder!”

Anyway, we are working our hardest to not wish this next week away as we prep to head south for a while! We can’t wait to get some sunshine and fresh air! My cousin has generously invited us to stay at their rental house and we found a great deal on plane tickets so…off we go!

I know I’m supposed to share with you some favorites today, but I’m not very prepped. I have HUGE dreams for this blog, and I soooo appreciate your willingness to let me take it slow. I was feeling tons of pressure (placed there by the one and only ME) to get this blog post done when this landed in my inbox:

from Cultivate What Matters

Well, thank you Lara Casey, now I can breathe easy. Write you a little something and be on my way to go snuggle my babes! I’ve been crazy busy with work and other events all week, so I want some time with them today!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Here’s to little frostbite and more hot coco and coffee than you can imagine!

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