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Confession time. I live in a world of CRAZY fashion dilemma…I LOVE getting dressed up and looking put together. However, I also LOVE my PJ’s (leggings and a t-shirt). I wish it was socially acceptable to have PJ weddings or cocktail parties or even wear your PJs to work or *gasp* church! I mean…aren’t we supposed to “come as you are”? No? But really…? Anyway, before my grandma stops reading because I want to wear my pajamas to church, I should get the point. Have you tried LuLaRoe clothing…because you CAN have all that I described above! Wait…WHAT?!

That’s right! I have worn the same leggings to work(when I DID work outside the home) that I slept in last night. I have gone to a wedding in a dress that I spent the evening cuddled up on my couch in. I have sung on stage at my church in a dress that I spent the day playing on the floor with my boys in…I mean, LuLaRoe has basically opened up the door for me to be comfortable, fashionable, and feel great about myself!

The t-shirt in this photo is so soft and easy to wear! I love t for the fall and is perfect under something or on its own!

This dress is a favorite for sure. I love how soft it is and that it is a bit longer in the back…so I don’t feel self conscious when I have to bend down to tend to a little…which happens a lot. 🙂 This long cardigan is like the stuff dreams are made of. I love dressing in layers and this is the perfect item for any outfit!

SPEAKING OF LAYERS… How do you feel about jean jackets? Stiff and bulky right…? WRONG! Not this one!

This is a soft, stretchy, comfortable, leave it on and forget about it type of jean jacket! I wear it all year round. In the summer I throw it on over a tank or long sleeve shirt in the winter…I wear it with legging, or a fun colored pair of pants…it looks super cute over a sun dress or with a shirt and a long maxi skirt…all of which LuLa has beautiful options of! It easily makes an outfit look pulled together without a lot of work! I love it! Also, that embroidery is just beautiful. Sometimes I let it stand alone, other times I work hard to make those colors the primary part of my outfit…it just depends on the vibe I’m feeling! 🙂

I’m sorry I don’t have more photos to show you, but trust me…you won’t want to miss the stash Hannah has for you to try on and bring home! It’s huge and amazing and I’m sure you will find something for everyone on your list! 🙂

Also, check out this family for more LuLa inspiration! Shannon (the mama) is one of my dear friends and they just took some fall photos ALL decked out in LuLa from Shannon’s sister (Hannah) who is our LuLa vendor for the November 17th event at our house! (shoot me an email for the address – 🙂 Aren’t they awesome! So many different options! See you on the 17th!

I just love them…and the clothing!

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