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Checking In and Moving Forward…

COMPLTED!!! (for the most part)

We have attacked this large stack of paperwork and have 2 more things to complete and then we are on our way to our home study! Hopefully we can be moving on in the next few weeks!

There was a lot in there…as we were going through it, I was chatting with a friend who made this statement “If having a child is 9 months to birthing a baby, then adoption is nine months of birthing paperwork.” But all this paperwork and we are finally done and one step closer to our little baby girl!

Admittedly, I was a bit surprised by some of the questions in our “SAFE questionnaire”. Not a bad surprised, but a thoughtful surprised. It asked a lot about my childhood and what growing up was like for me. As Drew and I answered the questions it was fun to think about what our children would answer 30 years from now if they were filling it out. I hope they will know how deeply loved they are, how much we enjoy parenting them, I hope they remember childhood being full. Full of all things wonderful!

We are getting excited to have this part beyond us and to begin moving forward in our journey. Be sure to check events we are having!


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