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Careless Clean!

Thanks for shopping our Norwex Fundraiser! I’m so excited for you to have cleaner and safer items to use in your home! You can shop here. The party can be selected when you go to the shopping cart for checkout – choose “Add Party“. Thanks friends! 

Hey There!

I have a question for you…Do you lock up your cleaning products? Get out the step stool and put them in the cupboard above the fridge? Or…do you ask your  tall hubby to put them on the highest shelf and then tell him you didn’t clean cuz he wasn’t home to get the cleaning products down? …yeah, me neither. Or…do you think about doing all those things and never get around to it but still worry about your kids getting into them? (Thank goodness for a home study that kept me up with nightmares that I would get rejected for not protecting our cleaning products!) Wherever you find your self, I want to tell you that I am with you…in any and all of the above scenarios.

I have a really big goal of ridding our home of toxins in any area I can. The biggest one for me to tackle first was our cleaning products. I began that journey about a year and a half ago –having 2 curious toddlers will do that to a person. We are better, but I’m still working on it. I have all but eliminated bleach from our cleaning regimen (I keep a small mason jar around to use on stains on white clothes…other than that it’s out!). I’m confident most everything I own is safe and natural and even watched a gentleman spray the cleaning solution into his mouth to prove that his “plant based cleaner that takes off permanent marker” is truly safe before putting my money down! I mean…that stuff is legit!

However, I still freak out with my kiddos around any cleaners. I would rather remove the need for cleaners all together…but somethings just need an extra help scrubbing. However, with my new found love for Norwex, I’m finding the need for cleaners to be less and less. I often just reach for the cleaning cloths and call it good. And bonus…I’m totally cool letting the boys help as well! Hence…my “careless” clean. I don’t care if they help because I’m not at all worried about the solutions they could be breathing in or getting on my precious red head’s skin! (PLEASE NO!)

He was cleaning so fast it was hard to keep him in focus! He thought this was awesome!!! 🙂

This is the cloth of all cloths…it cleans EVERY surface! It’s called the: EnviroCloth. Their website description says it best: “Superior-quality microfiber combines with our unique BacLock®* antibacterial agent to create a multipurpose cloth that can be used wet or dry to clean everything.” (Norwex: shop the cloth here)  We use this on all surfaces, sometimes wet and sometimes dry…just depends on what is needed! I love that I can send “Surf” with a spray bottle of water and this cloth and he can scrub down his spot at the table or his chair…or whatever!

I mean….this is just embarrassing. If you can look close enough you can see that there are dog nose smudges, little finger prints and probably toddler sneezes all over this little window by our front door. I mean, it’s the spot every little in my house fights over to see Papa pull in the driveway…I can’t blame them, I mean, he is the best…but the fingerprints and breathing marks are getting out of control! Thank goodness for the Norwex Window Cloth! We didn’t even do the full get it wet and dry it off process and Surf had this window clear as…well…glass! I love that he has developing an interest in “helping” me in all I do…so this is a great way to involve him and Turf! After all, they are the ones touching and breathing on the windows!

Our other favorite is the Dusting Mitt. It goes with us on all our summer beach trips and stays at the ready in our laundry room! It’s pretty awesome.

Not only does it pick up the dust and magically trap it in all it’s fibers (I have yet to see the “dust cloud” follow behind a swipe of this mitt), it is a mom’s best friend after a day at the beach! I use it to get that pesky sand off the boys bodies…but also out of their hair! I HATE sand in my hair and then on my pillow, and on my sheets, and all over the house and we may as well burn the place down and start over…kidding…not kidding…no really, kidding…kinda. ANYWAY, I LOVE the Dusting Mitt. I mean, Turf dumped an entire bucket of sand on his head this summer and with a bit of work, we got it all out before he came in the house! Win! WIN! WIIIINNNNN!

Well, now that you have learned that my house is not clean and that we struggle like crazy to make it livable in the blessed chaos of our days…I hope you can find some fun products to begin making your home toxin free as well! Start your window shopping here. Be sure to select our fundraiser at checkout!

We have been in this home for a little over a year now and I’m so excited to continue settling into our rhythm. Ridding our home and lives of toxins, and teaching my little crew the importance of cleaning, how great we feel with less clutter, and how to take care of our selves has been huge! I’m still sorting through boxes that haven’t been touched since our move! –Yeah, send help for that…or maybe the people from that “Secret Life of Hoarders” and their 4 giant tarps for my front yard…keep, sell, give, or trash… but I digress. That is a post for another day!

Have a great day! It’s snowing here so my boys are happy that Christmas must be tomorrow! EEK! Better get shopping!


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