Books I’m Reading

I received this book as a gift for Christmas this year from my sister-in-law. I had heard some great reviews and loved the idea, so I thought I’d check it out for myself.

Our family is in a season of change and transition along with anticipation and waiting. I tend to try to be a perfectionist in all I do…admittedly, that’s tiresome. After the first few pages, I had tears in my eyes…I don’t know Emily Ley personally, and yet somehow, she knows my heart completely… Challenging myself to find grace in the little moments when I want perfection is HUGE for me. I’m working on this…daily…ok, every second of the day. So, run don’t walk…find the book on sale here!





Another book that is filling my mind these days isn’t so much of a reading book but more a workbook. I am a dreamer. I have ideas and desires and I love to be creative! However, sometimes the implementation of those goals is a bit tough. So…enter Powersheets! I love how they get me thinking and dreaming on a whole other level. I’m excited for 2018…excited for where it will go and where it has me dreaming!






I don’t know if I actually have words for this book. There are so many moments when I’m reading it and I say to myself, “YES! YES! YES! That is what I want!” I have been working a lot on what I fill my time and energy with. I’ve been convicted through both right and misguided decisions. I feel like this book gives me the permission and freedom to say no to the things that aren’t 100% crucial to my current life. We have a lot going on and I need to be able to say no to things, even things I love doing, in order to protect our peace and our sanity! I hope you can enjoy The Best Yes as I have!







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