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Okay, so here’s the deal…I have put off writing this post for a while. You see…it’s easy for me to brag about my ladies that are living their best life by helping others and running their businesses. But I have a HARD time tooting my own horn. So instead of doing that… I’m going to talk about these products that I love and use daily…and oh yeah, happen to sell ;).  But that’s the thing. The selling is secondary to all the other things. I love this company for the education it gave me about my skin and the products I was using. I love this company for the advocacy they are charting for our health and safety when it comes to skincare and makeup products. I love this company for it’s passion for quality ingredients and products that WORK.

So lets go back to me 6 months ago: Raise your hand (virtually) with me if you aren’t usually in the habit of washing your face at night? Am I standing alone on that one? 6 months ago I would MAYBE use one of those face wipes and take off my makeup…but admittedly, if I was too tired or knew I had somewhere to be early the next morning, I would just leave it… BAD HABIT!

So, fast forward to now…I wash my face EVERY NIGHT…even when it’s late and I don’t feel like it.

“What changed?” You ask… “Beautycounter. It changed EVERYTHING.”

I really didn’t care to wash my face until I found a night cream that I loved. I mean…to put the night cream on I had to wash my face…so yeah. Once I found the night cream, then I found the partnering eye cream…then I decided, I love these products so much I may as well just sell the stuff! And, it was a great way to help my friends and family find safer products for themeslves and their families while bringing in more money into our Adoption Fund. 100% of what I make goes to our adoption fund. So, here we are!

Beautycounter is on a mission to change the cosmetic industry as we know it. Through clean, healthy and safe ingredients Beautycounter is not only providing top quality products, they are providing effective products as well! They are CRAZY awesome at testing and retesting their products to make sure they meet the rigorous safety standards they have set up for their company. No ingredient goes into their products that is questionable to our health. If there is not enough research to know for certain that something is safe, then they don’t use that ingredient until they have fully researched it themselves!

To date, Beautycounter has banned over 1,500 ingredients from ever being used in their products…the FDA has banned 30. That number hasn’t changed in over 80 years and Beautycounter is on a mission to do something about that!

So, I love their mission and the products…but what products are on the top of my list right now?

We are in the beginning of winter season, and I will say I have upped my moisturizer game, I also am LOVING the Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation that also pumps moisture into my skin throughout the day while evening out my skin tone and adding a touch of coverage. The Dew Skin is a great product as well when I just need something quick with light coverage. I use it mostly in the summer when I am outside more often because of it’s SPF qualities…but if I’m running errands in the winter, you better believe this is my base to protect me from that reflective snow! I also love the idea of shooting vitamins into my skin, so I will use one of their mists to start my day as well. I love the vitamin C #1 mist. I feel like it adds just a touch of summer to my dull dry winter skin! The volumizing mist to the right of that is for my super fine limp hair! I use it wet, before I blow dry, and then on day #2 to add some more life and shape to my hair! I love that stuff!

A few other essentials are these three items! Mascara CHECK! Concealer CHECK! Blush CHECK! These are items I will even take with me throughout the day if I have a long day away from home and may need a touch up mid-day…the funny thing is, though I take them with me, I very RAIRLY use them. The “staying” power of Beautycounter’s makeup is UNREAL! I’ve used other “natural” and “safe” makeup before…but with a puff of wind, it would fly off. Not this stuff. It’s there for keeps! I seriously never worry about it!

Now this little beauty is new and is only around for the holidays….but let me tell you, this is where it is at! This palette of colors is just beautiful! It goes with any skin tone and is just perfect for a natural or dramatic look depending on what you are going for. Don’t be scared by that blue in the middle. I promise it is just flecks of blue…like fairy dust over your eyeshadow. You hardly notice it’s even there! It’s seriously stunning!

Well, now I want to go do my makeup! I mean, of course I wakeup and put on makeup and get ready for the day…it’s what all stay at home mom bloggers do…right?

Anyway, I’d love to give you a chance to try out this makeup and take home some skin care samples! Be sure to stop on over to my house this weekend! Can’t wait to have you try these products…but careful, it’s addictive! Can’t say I didn’t warn you! I have so many favorites I didn’t mention…these are just a few for now. Be sure to let me know if you have questions!

Have a great week! See you Saturday. Message me for the address if you need it:

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