about me

I never know what to put on an “About Me” page…so, if you’ll forgive my ramblings I figured this section is where I’ll talk of my most favorite books, songs, passions, projects, and other odds and ends… On my blog, you will get a taste into my world as I sit preparing for the day…more like the moment when the door down the hall will swing open and the most precious voice on the planet will say, “Mama? Where are you?” Then a red headed little boy will pop his head around the corner to declare, “Oh, there you are! I did not know where you were mama!” We will then snuggle on the couch for a few more minutes reading about Pooh and Piglet or the Little Blue Truck while we wait for the rest of our corner of the world to join us for the day.

I am a mother of 2 of the sweetest boys on the earth. “Surf” is 3 (March 2015) and “Turf” is 2 (July 2016). I have a hard time not thinking I’m the luckiest mama in the world…but I’m sure all mama’s think that. Now don’t get me wrong, we are all human and most often than not one, two, or all of us need to be sent to our rooms at some point during the day (can mama get a time out…please?!). My hubby works for a home improvement company during the day, but when he is home, he works hard to help keep our house running smoothly. We are a team and I am so blessed to have him as my co-captain! We also have the pleasure of taking care of my mom’s cousin, Bettie Allen. She moved in with us in October 2017. It has been quite the transition, one that has come with it’s own challenges and opportunities. The hubs and I are learning more daily about how to communicate well with her, the boys and each other. We are in an ever-present state of flux and change, but it is beauty in the making. Settling into our routine and getting to watch our children and Bettie enjoy the day in and day out has been such a treat! We know all this is just beginning, but we are excited for what is ahead while loving our right here and now.

I am a creative soul that seeks to be let free. I love anything that I can do or work with my hands. The satisfaction of the completed project is pure delight…I assume its the feeling runners get after a long run, the only problem with that for me is I think running is “a good walk ruined!” Hehe…I think I have some friends and a few siblings who just rolled their eyes ;). In my DIY section is where you will find my latest endeavors. I’m excited to share that with you as well!

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, granddaughter, and child of God. I may wear a lot of hats at times, but I feel very blessed to be where I am. Thanks for joining our little corner of the world. Be sure to leave a comment on a post so I know you have stopped by!

If you would like to reach out my email is: k.mae.joy@gmail.com